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Using RUST™ ATEX grindning tools you will achive the best preparation grade faster than any other
mechanical tools in the marked. RUST™ is a cold work grinding tool for surface and mechanical treatment
in explosive atmospheres and hazardous work environment. RUST™ is ideal for removing rust, coating
(paint, silicone, rubber, chartek etc.), scale, salt and other contaminations on the surface. You can also
grind away welding seams and weld spatter. RUST™ prepare the surface for long lasting coating
solutions. The tools is easy and safe to operate.

Benefits of RUST™ ATEX Grinding Tools:

Less noise 

Less Dust 

No need for hot work permits

No production shutdown

No job postponements 

Removes paint, Charter, coating, rust etc efficiently 

Leaves rough and clean surface, with excellent adhesive properties

Replaceable tungsten carbide studs, can be replaced by operator on site

RustGrinder in action (Video)

  • Belzona

    "The non-spark tool successfully provides a mechanical profile to achieve the necessary adhesion with two of our Belzona surface-tolerant paste and coating products".

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  • Aker Solutions

    "Aker Solutions has previously used and tested similar equipment from other suppliers, and the RUST ATEX Grinding Tools are completely up to date, if not better than other similar equipment we have tested".

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  • Kaefer Energy

    "RUST ATEX Angle grinder was great to use for removing Chartek, almost like it cut the Chartek away, there were very little dust when we grinded compared to use of 3M disc".

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  • Prezioso Linjebygg

    "My opinion with reference to RUST is that we can use this machine and that it will help us to carry out small and medium sized jobs in a quicker and better manner, and with better quality than with grinding and use of flap disk and Bristle Blaster."

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  • Teekay Petronordic

    "Better surface for adding coating. No sharp edges between the steel and coating. Light weight. Less noise. Less dust. No need to change disc frequently. No wear and tear could be measured on the studs. Can be used with water connected. Tested with good results."

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