Kaefer Energy Test

Offshore Installation in the North Sea: Troll A

KAEFER Energy AS have tested the RUST ATEX Grinding Tools from Sapeg as. We used the angle grinder with grinding disc to remove Chartek after chiseling.

RUST ATEX Angle grinder was great to use for removing Chartek, almost like it cut the Chartek away, there were very little dust when we grinded compared to use of 3M disc.

The grinder gave a nice and smooth transition between the steel and the Chartek (paint), it also gave a good roughness in the steel. We tried the grinding tools on rust and paint as well and it worked very well.

At edges and angles we could not use angle grinders with grinding discs, we had to use the straight grinder with rotating files and it went well.

My conclusion is:

• The grinding disc lasted for a long time, there was no need for frequent disk replacement.

• Gives good roughness in the steel.

• Fine transitions from steel to paint.

• Perfect to grind on pipes (Riser pipes) and flat walls.

• The tools are light-weighted.

• Neglectable amount of dust created under operation.

• Withstands a lot of wear and heat (on flat walls and pipes).

• Can connect the tools to water.


John Christian Stenbro KAFER Energy AS