User guide

RUST™ ATEX Pneumatic Grinding Tools
Cold Work Grinding Equipment


Important safety instructions for RUST™
ATEX grinding tools.

RUST ATEX angle grinder 220L/221L
and Straight Grinders no. 330T is approved
for use on Steel, Rusty Steel and
AISI 316 Stainless Steel

The pneumatic tools must be oiled according to
instruction to avoid friction heat. Filling oil from side
handle (page 4)

Water connection is not needed for conducting
work in the EX-zone1 areas, it is an optional feature.

When using air operated tool, basic safety
precaution should always be followed to reduce
the risk of personal injury, including the followings:


• Operators assigned to use the tools should be
instructed in the safe use of the tool. No person should
use this tool without first having read and understood
this manual.
• Do not wear loose clothing or accessories.
They can be caught in moving parts.
• Use non-skid footwear.
• Always use eye protection.
• Always wear protective ear equipment.
• Use face or dust mask if operations create dust.

Work place

• Keep work area clean. Cluttered work areas invite
accidents and injuries.
• Do not expose tools to rain.

Before work

• Be sure all external screws, nuts and bolts are tightly
secured prior to each use.
• Do not use damaged frayed hoses and fittings.

Notes for Better Use:

Always supply air Pressure according to the user
manual (5,5 to 6,5 bar). Lower pressure may result in
insufficient performance.
Higher pressure than 7 bar on air line may result earlier
worn-out of parts.

Air Line
Use 9,5 mm. (or 3/8’’) diameter air hose between the
compressor and the tool. Install a water separator and an
oilier between the compressor and the tool to prevent any
trouble caused by condensed vapour generated by cooled
down compressed air in the air line. Air inlet in 1/4’’
diameter for angle grinder and straight grinder.

Use Machine oil ISO VG10 for lubrication and rust
prevention. Negligence may cause damages on the tool.
Use of thicker (dense) oil may result in reduced

How to operate the tool

To start, release the lock and grasp the trottle lever.
Then adjust the water feed wheel (if water is connected,
only on the angle grinder).
Before removing or mounting grinding discs or the files,
turn off the air and disconnect the air supply hose.

For removal of grinding disc, hold the driving flange with
a spanner and loosen the wheel lock bolt with Hex or a
Always be sure that the grinding- disc is secured by
tightening the wheel lock bolt.

For mounting the rotating burrs on the straight grinder
ST330T, turn the file nut in a counterclockwise direction
with the Spanner 14 and withdraw the mandrel.

Application Notes

Connect both machines to the air hose by using a “Y“ pipe.
Then always carry both machines when you do the work.
Find out how the surface looks and the standard you want
to achieve. Always combine the two machines to achieve
the most effective work method and result.

If you have small rust spot with deep pitting, start with the
“roundhead” file and do a “surgical encroachment” at the
spot. Then you can use the disc on the area around for
removing of the remaining rust and make nice transition
between treated steel and old coatings, by holding it
firmly, and not more or less than 20 degree angle
to the working surface.

The water connection on the angle grinder (AG-220L /
AG-221L) can be used, if you want to remove Bitumen or
other semi hard coatings or if you want to reduce the dust
in narrow spaces.

In order to get a clean surface free for salt and
contamination, you need to remove some of the steel
to get visible clear steel.

(By using sandblasting or Slurry blasting you will also remove some steel.
Needle guns are probably the only tools you can use with no reduction
of the steel, but what you do is knocking the salts and contamination
deeper in to the steel, which will not give you any good preparation
grade and long term solution.)

The machines has an RPM of respectively 3600 angle
grinder (AG-220L / AG-221L) and the straight grinder
(ST-330T) 2000 min-1. Speed higher than this is not to
recommend in order to prevent damages of the grinding
disk and rotating burrs.

RUST™ ATEX Tool Kit A is recommended in cases where
its necessary to use mechanically removal of surface
coatings or deposits from any base material.

RUST™ ATEX Grinding tools has its limit like all others
tools and may therefore be used with common sense.


Avoid storing the machines in a location with high humidity.
If the tool is left as it used, residual moister on the inside
can cause rusting. Before storing and after operation oil
the tools at the air inlet and run it for a short period.