Petronordic test

Test of RUST Sparkles grinders June/July /August 2016.

On Tuesday 31.05.16, people from the company SAPEG visited the vessel for demonstration and instruction of a new type of grinders for removal of rust. A presentation of RUST tools was given before the tools were demonstrated.

The RUST grinders were used in several ballast tanks for removal of rust with good results. The first day, the crew reported some broken studs on the disc. The reason for this was found to be wrong usage of the angel grinder as it was used on edges were the straight grinder should be used. New instructions were given to the crew that the only straight grinders should be used on edges. After this no more studs were broken during the whole period the tools were used.

We compared RUST against use of Jet Chisel (Needle Gun) and angel grinder with 3M pads in areas in the same tank and found that RUST gave better overall results.

The Conclusion from the crew was

Better surface for adding coating

No sharp edges between the steel and coating

Light weight

Less noise

Less dust

No need to change disc frequently.

No wear and tear could be measured on the studs.

Can be used with water connected. Tested with good results.

Roar Wedøy Master, M/T Petronordic TEEKAY