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Test of: RUST ATEX Grinding Tools

Aker Solutions has tested RUST ATEX grinding Tools. The test was carried out on the Eldfisk Bravo platform and consisted of grinding welding seams after cutting. We performed the test using both grinding machines, angle grinder with grinding disc and the straight grinder with rotating files.

Angle grinder with grinding disc:

The machine was tested according to procedures described in the operation guide and it worked well. It looks to me that it is the best suited to remove paint, chartek and rust etc, but it also works for grinding steel.

Straight grinder with rotary files:

This machine was also tested on the same job and performed very well for this purpose. It had good impact and little vibration.

After testing of RUST ATEX Grinding Tools, I can recommend others to use this tool for this kind of work, where the use of EX safe tools is required.

Aker Solutions has previously used and tested similar equipment from other suppliers, and the RUST ATEX Grinding Tools are completely up to date, if not better than other similar equipment we have tested.


Sigmund Karlsen

Field Engineer black trades COPNO M & M

Aker Solutions, August 8th, 2017